The Origin of the Master Sword

March 10, 2010

It is no secret anymore that the girl that can bee seen on the one picture Shigeru Miyamoto showed of Zelda Wii bears a striking resemblance with the famous Master Sword. If you look close enough and compare her to the sword, you´ll make out similar features. It is also strange how Link is not holding a sword in his hand.

The above features lead one to believe that the Master Sword has a more prominent role in this upcoming Zelda-game. Now, the resemblance to the Master Sword is not the only interesting fact to make out. It is also fascinating how the girl looks very much like the Fairy Queen from The Wind Waker. Fairies have always been part of the Zelda-games, but we never gave it much though. They replenished empty heart containers, could be held captive in bottles, and the bigger ones granted you rare magic spells or enhancements.

What if the fairies are involved with the Master Sword? That is what I though about: The origin of the Master Sword.

We do not know where the Master Sword comes from. It is unknown. We only know that it is a crucial item to defeating Ganon, banning him into the realms of hell. We also know that the Triforce originates from the three goddesses, Din, Farore and Nayru, each of them resembling one of Power, Bravery and Wisdom. As far as it´s about me, I´ve never heard about these goddesses also creating the Master Sword. So how comes?

If we assume that the game is about the Master Sword itself, that leaves two possiblities: It´s about its very origin, its creation. Or, the Master Sword somehow was broken and has to be repaired. Either scenario would be very interesting, one showing as the beginning of the series, the other one introducing an event that actually managed to break this powerful item. The girl, thus, wouldn´t be the Master Sword, but really it´d be the Fairy Queen, that is travelling alongside Link to the place where the Master Sword was forged. For what is worth, we have to assume that the Fairy Queen is a rather powerful being, which, in consequence, bears the following question: Why does she need Link to repair the sword? Or, if it´s Link that proposed the broken sword to her, why is she going with him, instead of just telling him where to go?

All the above implies that the Fairy Queen is the creator of the Master Sword. So, if the Master Sword is a permanent manifestation of her powers, she herself also has the power of the Master Sword. But she cannot actively use those powers, only grant them to others. If that results in her transforming into a sword OR giving other swords or even items in general the powers of the Master Sword, that is up to discussion. We also have to ask ourselves which place can only be visited with the help of the Master Sword´s powers? The most special ability of the Master Sword is that it can ban Ganon. That´s what made me think that Link will visit the realms of hell where Ganon is imprisoned. You cannot survive that place without the Master Sword. What points towards that construct of ideas is the fact that there has to be some kind of connection between Ganon and the Master Sword. It´s very Lord of the Ring-ish, but the most likely answer is that the Master Sword was forged from lava flowing through said realms of hell. The same realms of hell that became Ganon´s domain.

The quest of Zelda Wii is about Link and the Fairy Queen visiting the realms of hell, Ganon´s unintentional home. Instead of Ganon attacking the world of Link, Link is about to counterattack Ganon´s world to restore the power of the Master Sword.


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