A seamless world

March 11, 2010

Probably my biggest disappointment with Twilight Princess was the step back from an open world like that introduced in The Wind Waker. Even with all its faults, TWW felt that much more adventurous thanks to the seamless world. Just go wherever you want. Seeing unknown island slowly appearing in front of you as you come closer made it feel like progressing in a real adventure. Twilight Princess brought us back to small areas with loading screens in-between.

Luli Island from The Last Story

Now, when I´m talking about a seamless world, I´d like to take that aa step further than “just” not having loading screens. Even with all their open worlds, be it TWW, GTA or Oblivion, the world is only open on a macro-level. Meaning that indeed there is an open world and you can choose any direction to go, BUT you cannot really go everywhere. What do I mean? I´m talking about mountain walls, house roofs, trees and all those locations that typically are nice to look at, but completely non-functional.

Therefore, Zelda Wii should introduce a new level of “seamlessness“, where you can literally go everywhere. There are many ways to have it make sense within the game, be it items or other supportive “stuff”. But changing the level of interaction with the ingame-world would be revolutionary. It also isn´t something that´s not technically possible with the Wii, as I see no problem in why a tree shouldn´t be possible to be climbed up. It takes effort to make it look good, but in the end, it´d result in a whole new level of freedom and adventure. Exploring everything.

For that kind of concept I´m always thinking of the game world being set on an island, so that a developer doesn´t have to resort to invisible borders. Just make it a big island and there´s no problem with that.


One Response to “A seamless world”

  1. Simbian Mickey said

    For once, I agree with you

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