The Climbing Claw

March 12, 2010

This is connected to having a completely seamless world, where you can go just about everywhere. To make this possible, Link needs items that let him climb “everywhere”. There are a lot of different methods for climbing places, but this one is the most direct one: Using the Climbing Claw.

That´s a Shuko, a ninja climbing claw

That claw is like one of those ninja-equipments. Not quite the same, but the cel-shaded Prince of Persia game for PC and HD-systems used one, kind of, though you couldn´t use it to climb upwards. Basically, the Climbing Claw lets you slash its sharps claws into every material, thus making it climbable. See a rock wall? Just equip the Climbing Claw and go on. To make the world open up bit by bit, there could be different Climbing Claws, starting with at smoother material, then going to harder material, so you can use it with harder environments. For example, the very first Climbing Claw only lets you climb trees and wooden houses. Next you get a Climbing Claw that lets you climb up stone houses and rock walls. And finally, you get the perfect Climbing Claw, which lets you climb everything in the world, whatever that could be.

Naturally, you could also use the Climbing Claw for combat. And unlike other exploration items, like the hookshot, it would actually be very effective. Just one look at such a Claw makes you understand that. Of couse, it wouldn´t be effect against armored enemies, so there´s still a reason why you have a sword to fight. In the end, the Climbing Claw would be an item to open up exploration to a new level. No place you cannot visit.


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