March 13, 2010

At this point, it seems to be a given that we´ll be able to control the sword in a 1:1-way, using the same concept that was introduced in Wii Sports Resort. Just like there, you´ll be able to feely swing that sword, exactly recreating whatever motion you make. By pressing the B-button, you change into defense stance and parry enemy-attacks.

Now, there should be a slight difference between the WSR-sword and the Zelda Wii-sword. That is, the Zelda Wii-sword shouldn´t be a perfectly round stick, but an hard, long piece of metal with at least one sharp edge, and two flat sides. That should be incorporated into the combat-gameplay. For example, some enemies might be too well-armored, thus making it useless trying to slice them. Instead, you´re rotating the Wiimote, thus rotating the sword und use one of its flat sides, to hit the enemy as if using a hammer (Of course, a real hammer would be more effective). That way, you can confuse your opponent and make him expose some weak point, some weak-armored spot, maybe around the throat. Or, there could be situations where you don´t want to kill your opponent. Be it, because its a friend that just needs to be taught a lessen, or because you´re on a mission where you´re not allowed to kill anyone. Also, instead of only relying on the B-button defensive stance to block enemy attacks, you should be able to hit the attacking sword with your own sword slash, either hitting the sword out of the enemy´s hand, or resulting in a flashy clash-sequence.

If Wii Sports Resort proofed anything, it´s how incredibly fun it is to control a sword the way you want it to. And if it´s so much fun in a minigame-collection, one can but wonder how great it´ll be in an open world-fantasy world, with a real, metallic, shiny sword.


One Response to “Sword-Controls”

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