Smart enemies

March 14, 2010

Link is a soft-looking young boy, yet you always have to make your way through enemies by brute force. The only variation in terms of enemy-design is how hard they are to hit and how much hits they can take. To make the game more fun, let´s make enemy A.I. smarter.

Once you come into range, an enemy will attack you until you or he is dead. Most likely he, seeing how weak your typical non-boss foe is. But there´s several ways to improve combat. First, get rid of any automatic detection, allowing for sneak attacks. Secondly, if you fight a bunch of weak enemies, make them flee if you´re too powerful. Either let them flee, fullstop, or call for help, bringing a bigger foe to the fight (but don´t make it so that a bigger enemy appears out of nothing, that´d be annoying and predictable). And last but not least, have stronger enemies be really strong. So strong that you have to flee from the fight. Like, one iron knuckle is doable, but once a second one appears you better get out of there.

In general, have enemies act more realistic. Twilight Princess was very bad on that matter, having enemies placed randomly over the field, just so that the field doesn´t look that empty…WHY are these enemies there?! That has to change. Give every enemy a meaning, even if it´s just something really unimportant. As it is, fighting in Zelda-games isn´t any fun anymore because of the weakness of every foe. And more hitpoints would change nothing, only make it more tedious. Make them smarter.


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