Link, Zelda and Ganon

March 16, 2010

We´ve been playing Zelda-games for more than two decades now, but there´s something not a single Zelda-game even touches on explaining. WHY does this eternal cycle exist? The cycle where Ganon is immortal, Zelda is reborn, and a new hero is chosen.

Except for the series-entries that follow a side-story, we never get to know why that cycle goes on, and on, and on, and…. It just happens. The only tiny bit of creational story we ever got was the intro to Ocarina of Time, where it is explained how the world was created by the three goddesses Din, Farore and Nayru, and that they represent the Triforce. But that´s as far as Zelda-fans have gotten so far.

That´s why it´d be extremely interesting to see a Zelda-game where all that is tackled. Where it is explained why everything repeats, without an end in sight. Think of it as a Matrix-like Zelda-game (from a concept only, not in terms of actual content!), where you are playing as THE Link that finally explores the secrets behind the curtain. In Matrix, and that will be a spoiler to the movies, Neo finds out that he´s just one of thousands of previous “Chosen Ones”. Everything that happened in the previous movies is explained to being an ever repeating cycle. At the end of that cycle, always the same thing happens, so the cycle starts anew. If didn´t quite get the ending of Matrix Revolutions, but I guess Neo somehow broke the cycle. Back to Zelda.

Such a game about breaking the eternal cycle between the three main characters of the series would be the most interesting story I can imagine for the series. Not only would we get to know about the cycle´s meaning/origin, there could also be cool references to all the past Zelda-games. Maybe we could even meet previous Links (and maybe even more epic events could be the result from these meetings).

I´m not going into more detail about that with this blog entry, but I strongly think that it´d give the first MotionPlus-controlled Zelda-game much more meaning as Zelda-game than being just another adventure.


One Response to “Link, Zelda and Ganon”

  1. Elise said

    It’s all sort of a back-formation, though, isn’t it? As I understand it, the repetition of the earliest Zelda games came not so much from some well-thought-out history, but because it was supposed to be something archetypal and Jungian. I do love that they’re going back and connecting everything now, but more than anything, I think the three figures of the Triforce are meant to be representations of the ruling forces of the world, sort of a yin-and-yang triumvirate. Ganon never disappears because corruption will never truly disappear from the world, but with courage and wisdom its progress can be halted. I kind of like that.

    (Now that you mention it, though, the provenance of the various Zeldas and Links is probably symbolic as well. Zelda’s perpetually reborn status seems to be a nod to the wisdom of age and experience without requiring her to be hundreds of years old. Whereas the strongest manifestation of courage is the naive outsider who steps in to do what’s right despite impossible odds.)

    Nice entry. I love thinking about this stuff. 🙂

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