One major town

March 17, 2010

Ocarina of Time had Hyrule town, Majora´s mask had Clock Town, TWW had Windfall Island and TP had, again, Hyrule town. Of all these cities, Windfall Island is the most fun to explore-town, while Clock Town features the most content on little space. For Zelda Wii, I´d like to see at least one really big town that combines both of the previous places´ strengths.

That town should feature several districts, akin to Clock Town, but bigger. And there should be various places, from small houses to really big houses. The should be tight, dark backstreets and broad market streets, full of NPCs wandering around. And there should be different vertical layers of life. You have everyday-life taking place on the ground. You have a more dangerous life style when you enter the sewers. Smallish enemies like rats and bats are there, as well as criminals from the town, maybe even a thief hideout. And then there´s the upper layer, above the town, taking place on its roofs. Here you can observe all the people without them noticing you. You meet other dreamy people. And it´s a very safe place to get to your destination. But you´ll need the right equipment to move around within that layer, so it won´t be all open from the start.

Besides the different layers of life style, there have to be NPCs everywhere. Market people, fisher men at the harbor, farmers bringing their harvest, and children playing around. But also weird visitors, hanging around in taverns, and groups of young thieves that try to steal the town people´s money. Also animals like cats, dogs and birds that you can observe or anger.

Lastly, the town should not be an exclusively safe place. While there should be completely safe zones, maybe the district of rich people, there also should be times where fighting ensues within the town. Like some drunks losing their head, or thiefs that become more aggressive at night. Also wild dogs or even wolves that found their way into town at night. Basically, the town should feature some kind of dynamic life, where events keep happening.


One Response to “One major town”

  1. Simbian Mickey said

    i think windfall island should be the template for every sub town in zelda.

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