The Lantern

March 19, 2010

The lantern is a well-known item of the Zelda-series. Usually, it´s used to lighten dark rooms or to activate torches. I think you could even use it to attack enemies in Twilight Princess. However, I have a different idea of using the lantern for Zelda Wii.

Recent games like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories or Fragile Dreams: Farewell of the Moon make great use of flashlights. Using the pointer-function of the Wii, you simply point somewhere and the flashlight brings light into the darkness. What´s so great about that is not only the feeling of walking through the dark and finding stuff, it´s also how you read stuff on walls. No more “Press A to read“. You simply go near the wall, point at it with the flashlight, and…read it.

Of course, you can´t give Link a flashlight. But the lantern would be a pretty good replacement. Have Link carry the lantern in one hand and move accordingly to your pointing with the wiimote. The lantern could have only one opening, so light is coming from only one direction. This kind of active exploration is an important part of making you feel more immersed. It´s part of “everything that Link does, I´m doing, too”. For Zelda Wii, I´d imagine it like scanning in Metroid Prime. But instead of a futuristic scan-visor, you have a lantern and look at walls, trying to find ancient writings or paintings. And thus, the lantern wouldn´t be just for lightening dark rooms, but actually an essential tool for exploring the world around you.


One Response to “The Lantern”

  1. tekknorg said

    It’s not as “alone” as promised, but it’s a promising direction. Less enemies, more atmosphere – and so I decided to make clip of the real Fragile Dreams in Prague:

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