Some kind of instrument

March 20, 2010

My first Zelda-game was Link´s Awakening, and ever since then I felt a strong connection between Zelda-games and music. The game that set that feeling into stone was Ocarina of Time. All those great songs, and you could play them manually, not just in some cutscene. The Wind Waker also features music, but it got annoying fast, changing the wind, using the puppeteer´s song, etc.. Twilight Princess was simply bad. The wolf howl sounded bad and the songs didn´t play any major role. They were mere excuses for bad minigames.

I really think that another ocarina would be that best suited instrument for Link. It´s small, handy and features strong tunes. And it´s kind of an “unimportant instrument”, meaning it doesn´t take too much attention, whereas Link playing a violin would influence the game a lot more. What´s comes in handy for another ocarina is the fact that the wiimote can be held like an. Actually, try it yourself. The right hand uses the 1- and 2-buttons, the left hand the B-buttons and d-pad. Works perfectly fine.

Of course, Zelda Wii should by no means turned into a music-game, but it should be used as an option to interact with your surroundings. Making people happy by playing songs, or starting certain conversations by doing so. Interacting with animals by playing the right song or unraveling completely unknown secrets by accidentally playing the correct song in a certain place. Yes, using the ocarina in Ocarina of Time was beautiful, and made for a lot of memorable moments. Something following Zelda-games missed (some more, some less).


One Response to “Some kind of instrument”

  1. Simbian Mickey said

    a flute

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