Interactive Boss-enemies

March 21, 2010

I´ve seen it recently in a video of Monster Hunter Tri and, of course, we know from Shadow of the Colossus. Make enemies, when they´re big enough, interactive. Meaning, let my climb up their side, towards their top.

It´s always disappointing when you have a giant enemy in front of you, approach it, and just run against it´s body or feet, without any possibility to do something. You can only rely on some arbitrarily chosen weak-points, that you have to hit three times. So instead of giving me the dungeon item and having me use it three times, let me interact with boss-enemies on a more intimate basis. But don´t hide their weak-points so climbing becomes mandatory. Just have it be an option. Have the enemy react differently depending on how I approach it.

In 2010, it´s time for boss-enemies to become more interactive, more of a real being instead of a chunk of polygons with some silly weak-point.


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