Sidequests relating to the main quest

March 23, 2010

A major problem with your usual sidequests is that they exist on their very own. Help someone do that, rescue someone from this, or collect x of something. That will result in someone telling you “thank you!” and giving you some more or less random item. Of course, this type of sidequests has to be there, too, but it´s the lack of another kind that´s bothering.

Majora´s Mask is full of these great sidequests, where most of them are directly related to the effects of Skullkid and the approaching moon. Ocarina of Time didn´t have a lot of these, though one certainly was memorable. It´s the rescue of Epona. While approaching the guy from Lon Lon farm, he´ll tell you how “this horse” is supposed to become Ganondorf´s. A direct connection to the main plot is made here. And a rather important one, considering that wasn´t it for you, Epona would have to be ridden by evil Ganondorf.

This kind of sidequests have to become much, much more frequent. Basically, filling out more or less interesting tidbits that in one way or another reveal more details about the main quest, while still being able to exist on their own. This way, a lot of little stories could be packed into the game, without being pushed in the player´s face.


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