Pegasus Boots

March 24, 2010

A link to the Past had them from the beginning, in Link´s Awakening you got them inside the third dungeon. The Pegasus boots enabled Link to run at high speed, crashing stones or attacking enemies. They could even be combined with the feather for long jumps. The kind of were present in Ocarina of Time as well, though the bunny mask never gave the feeling of high speed; it was just a little faster.

The Pegasus boots are one of those old items that were forgotten, so it´d be a neat move to re-introduce them. I can imagine them two include to modes. One, you can run super fast. That makes great use for traveling. Two, slow motion. Yes, slowmo, as in Matrix, Max Payne or whatever other game features slowmo. This would be used for combat and certain puzzles. Everything around you would slow down, while you can move at normal speed. In both these modes, the player is granted higher speed, but each mode gives a different perception of that speed.


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