No Story about Link

March 27, 2010

It´s definitely nice to get more backstory about the game´s world, its characters, its lore. What Zelda Wii doesn´t need, though, is a story that´s about Link himself.

I always call Link the “player-character”, which simply means that Link is not a real character like Samus Aran, Solid Snake or Mario, BUT is just an ingame-avatar of the person that´s playing. That´s why hardly any Zelda-fans want voice acting for Link, that´s why it´s so immersive play a Zelda-game: It doesn´t force a story on you as to who you are. You are the player, the adventurer that´s here to save the princess, the world, or whatever.

I do want more stories about Ganon, the immortal (well, exception being Twilight Princess) demon, and Zelda, the ever-reborn princess. But I do not want a story about Link, treated like a real character. Link is just some random guy that´s chosen at the right time by fate/the triforce/the goddesses, because he appears to be brave, and thus gets a mission to help everyone. I certainly do want to know more about that choosing-process, but Link as a character is completely uninteresting. In OoT he´s a fairy boy, in The Wind Waker he´s a baby living with his grandma. In Twilight Princess he´s a popular farm boy. And so on. Link always changes, he´s (almost) never the same. So any story about a certain Link would be just a special story that only applies to one Link of one Zelda-game. And really, at this point I want stories about the bigger picture, not some spin-off like detail-story.


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