The adventurer´s diary

March 27, 2010

This the first entry that I take directly from my in-depth article at Flying Fisch. The adventurer´s diary would be the Zelda-equivalent to Metroid Prime´s data base. Inside that diary, all kinds of enemies, locations and persons you meet are listed and featured by a more or less lengthy text. That would be the greatest way to finally give the player more insight into the world of Zelda.

If Nintendo wanted to make this an especially fine feature, all diary-entries would appear in the encountered order. Maybe only arranged by overarching categories. That way, every player in the world will create his very own, personal diary, showing the progress within the adventure of Zelda Wii.  Actually, really offer an option to make EVERYTHING appear in the originally encountered order, and it becomes 100% personal. Not very functional, but personal. And the game could always offer some options to show all gathered data-entries in differently arranged order.


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