An open forest

March 29, 2010

Even to this day, a lot of Zelda-fans feel betrayed by the first trailers of Twilight Princess. You know, these trailers that showed Link running around and fighting in a real forest-area. But not a forest made up of several branching paths with green textures on the walls, but a real forest, lots of single trees standing around, letting you walk between them and so on.

Technically, it should be possible by now. It seemed possible on the GameCube, but was canceled due to unknown reasons. Maybe a free forest-area didn´t fit the rest of the game, who knows. This time, there´s really no excuse. Nintendo, let your fans finally enter a deep, rich, moody forest that´s completely open and free to explore. And that doesn´t have a defined entrance, but can be entered from every side.


One Response to “An open forest”

  1. Jimmy said

    You have no idea how much I would love this, and yet since its so different from the Zelda formula I can’t see them doing this. I imagine it to be something like Skyrim’s freedom but with Zelda’s charm and atmosphere, but I guess it can’t have the best of both worlds.

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