The Sheikah

March 30, 2010

Ever since Ocarina of Time, we know of this mysterious race. In OoT, we met Impah, the last survivor of the Sheikah-clan. Said race was mentioned as the royal family´s elite guard. Their signature sign is that very special eye-mark that could also be soon on princess Zelda´s clothing in Twilight Princess (which led to a lot of speculation).

Of course, that is a rather specific matter, but there are many ways to give the player some insight into the clan of the Sheikah. Have there be unknown survivors, or just have there by ancient writings on walls deep down in some ruins that tell you something about them. I remember when I got to the forsaken village in Twilight Princess and thought “wow, now I´ll see the Sheikah!”, and it turned out to be a silly western town. Oh well.


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