The Map and Compass

March 31, 2010

The  map and compass are well-known items to every Zelda-fan. Whenever you enter a dungeon, you know you will eventually find a treasure chest containing one of these two. Besides the fact, that I hope for less typical dungeons in Zelda Wii, I´d like to use the map and compass as non-dungeon central items.

That means that map and compass become part of your permanent item-set, instead of finding specific ones inside each dungeon. I´m not so sure there´s even need for a map, but then again, it has always been nice to have an overview of the world. Maybe take a look at games like Etrian Odysse for Nintendo DS, where you have to draw the map by yourself. Of course, making it all that manually wouldn´t be fun in a free 3D-game, but maybe combine it with the visuals of the map in Fragile Dreams: Farewell of the Moon for Wii, with its sketchy look.

What´s more important is the compass. I imagine there to be no map at the start of the game, so maybe someone tells you “Ah, the forsaken ruins? Well, I wouldn´t recommend going there, but if you absolutely want to, they´re somewhere in the south-east”. And so you look at the compass, follow its direction and eventually find your target destination. In previous Zelda-games, the world´s structure was so linear that a compass just wasn´t needed. And the one Zelda-game that made use of one happens to be the one with the best world, The Wind Waker.


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