The Invisibility Cloak

April 1, 2010

I´m a big fan of stealth-elements in non-stealth games. It usually opens up the gameplay for more variety. Just allows for more options, how to deal with certain situations. Majora´s Mask had the Stone Mask, which made you kind of non-existent for certain beings, but, of course, there´s the invisibility cloak in A Link to the Past, which really was a super sweet addition.

Maybe I´m remebering wrong, but afaik you could pass over spiked paths that you normally couldn´t or would have needed to solve a puzzle or something. Actually, I don´t know anymore if the IC was an optional item or not, but it was a great one, nonetheless. Now, think about using the Invisibility Cloak in a 3D-Zelda game. Last time we saw that item was in a 2D-Zelda. In Zelda Wii, it could be really awesome to use it, sneaking past guardians, making fun of towns people or, of course, getting past enemies or surprise-attacking them. And if it had the same invincibility ability from AlttP, it would allow for even more variety in usage. Though, I´d prefer that invincibility to be another optional upgrade of the Cloak. Otherwise it would be too powerful at once.


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