Hovering Islands in the sky

April 2, 2010

Something Twilight Princess kind of did, but didn´t deliver nearly enough. Hovering islands are always very moody, mystical places, be it Neverland in Peter Pan, the flying rocks in Avatar or the sky islands in Skies of Arcadia. However, don´t make them as un-explorable as in Twilight Princess.

Let me climb at their sides, maybe even climb to their undersides. If there is some kind of flying mechanic available, let me fly from island to island. There would be stalactites on the underside, and there could be caves that lead inside the islands. When it was revealed to the player that their would be a sky temple in TP, players got extremely hyped. Then they were let down. Give it another shot, and it right this time.


2 Responses to “Hovering Islands in the sky”

  1. The Never Fairy said

    The Neverland isn’t a floating island. It’s an island in the ocean. And yes, Barrie did specify which one in his writings. And it’s also thus in the book based on his own ideas for more Pan adventure… click here to see.


    • mfauli said

      Thx for the clarifications, though I really believed that at least in the Japanese Peter Pan no Bouken there were floating islands, at least at some places of that Neverland.

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