An ancient ruin

April 3, 2010

Another rather specific piece of content for Zelda Wii. As some of you may know, I´m against the traditional dungeons. You know, these fire-, forest-, water-, etc.- dungeons. Maybe it´s just me, but those are too “gamey” for truly immersing experience that the ideal Zelda-game would be.

Now, what I imagine under the term “ancient ruin”, is something akin to a run-down looking castle, maybe just one big castle-tower. It´s all broken, barely standing anymore. What would be special about it would be that it´s full of interesting information about stuff of the past. Actually, that´s what I want every so-called dungeon to feature, ancient information. So, perhaps you call look at the ancient ruin I´m talking about now as a central dungeon, maybe, yeah, similar to the Tower of Gods in The Wind Waker. But a lot more run-down looking and a lot less gamey, meaning less typical puzzles and enemies everywhere.


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