Slightly connected sidequests

April 4, 2010

Sidequests should be more important in terms of what information they offer, I already wrote about that. To make things even more interesting, I´d like many of the existing sidequests to be connected to each other in a non-linear way.

By non-linear, I mean that the solving of a sidequest does not automatically result in a new mission objective for the next relating sidequest. Rather, there should be slightly different reactions depending on the order you do sidequests in. For example, if you just walk to a NPC and do something, he´ll thank you and that´s it. But if you happen to have done some other sidequest beforehand that somehow is connected to your present mission, the same NPC says something like “Oh, thank you, Link. After I heard from X that a young boy helped him, I hoped to see you. And you didnt let me down.” Additionally, have the actual content of sidequest missions vary depending on the order, i.e. if you rescued a bear on some prior sidequest, that bear might help you in a later one. And so on. Non-linearity by connecting sidequests would be great.


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