Bow and Arrow…and Rope

April 5, 2010

The Bow and Arrow are standard-items to the series. No one can imagine a Zelda-game without this key-item. For Zelda Wii, I´d like to see a bit of a variation to the traditional item.

Charge an arrow, aim, shoot it. That´s how your typical Zelda-bow was used in the past. To defeat far away enemies or hit switches at ceilings. If we add a rope to the equation, the bow´s usefullness is raised by one more field. Imagine you walk along a path, and suddenly, an abyss in front of you. No way to get to the other side. No way? You bring out your bow, charge an arrow, aim at a tree on the other side of the abyss, and shoot. AND you attached a rope to the arrow, so now, after having hit the tree, you have a rope spanning over the obstacle. To grab it and climb to the other side.

Now imagine that you could use that on basically every surface, and you get an idea of how great that´d be. Climb over abysses, climb UP walls, and so on. You build your own paths where otherwise no path exists.

But, realistically, even if that was used for Zelda Wii, it´s highly likely that there´d be an ingame-explanation that said something like “you can only use the arrow-rope on surfaces that are firm enough to keep the arrow in place with Link´s weight pulling on it“. It´d be still a nice gameplay-addition.


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