A love story

April 7, 2010

I just wanted to write “it´s something not very common to the Zelda-series…“, BUT then I gave it some more thought. Love stories are NOT something uncommon in Zelda-games. So, that´s what I´d really like to see in Zelda Wii, a love-story.

Many Zelda-games are about Link rescuing princess Zelda. I guess it could be argued about how much love plays a role in these games. The most obvious love-stories are the Kafei-and-Anju-sidequest in Majora´s Mask, and, to a certain degree, Link and Midna in Twilight Princess. The latter wasn´t played to the end, but especially Midna made it rather clear.

In Zelda Wii, there should be real, fully developed love-story relating directly to Link aka the player. In a perfect world, that love-story would be optional, making use of a bit of Mass Effect-style. But even if it´s mandatory content, it´d be sweet. From the one artwork we know, Link seems to be close-to-adult again. A 14-year old Link would work better with a “sweet” love-story. An adult Link needs something more in-depth. Still, love is such a strong theme that has only been touched upon by past Zelda-games, but not fully developed.


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