April 8, 2010

Okay, I admit: I just saw DreamWorks´ “How to train your Dragon” and I loved it. Great 3D-effects, great story, and great…dragons. The Zelda-series does have its share of dragons, be it Volvagia in Ocarina of Time, or that first boss-enemy in Oracle of Seasons. And there´s the one from Twilight Princess´ sky temple, too.

However, I´d like to see the concept of dragons being extended beyond those rare boss-encounters. A dragon-themed Zelda-game would be awesome, but I´m not asking for that much. Just…put some dragons into the world of Hyrule. Make them part of the wildlife, make them part of sidequests. I love dragons, and while dragons themselves are a very typical, maybe even overly present content-feature, I believe that Nintendo could succeed in creating an especially well-designed dragon population. I talked about wanting wildlife in Zelda-games before, and dragons would be a great choice for not having to rely on bunnies or deers. Boss-dragons, pawn-dragons, friendly dragons, get it all in there. Have some mystical, rumored giant dragon somewhere deep in a cavern that´s part of a gorgeous sidequest. Let me get myself a cute, little pet dragon that will follow me on my journey and can even help me at times, similar to those little followers you have in Monster Hunter Tri. Speaking of, Iwata mentioned Zelda and MH3 that often in the same context that it could really get up one´s hopes. Well, I hope.


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