Special Missions/ Challenges

April 10, 2010

There´s the main story and there are sidequests. There are also mini games throughout the game. I´d like to see a new type of gameplay-stuff. Call it Special Missions or Challenges.

That would be a lot like a Monster Hunter-game within a Zelda-game. Special Missions would consist of extra difficult battle situations. Fighting all kinds of unique, ferocious monsters. Of course, these missions could be part of or lead into sidequests. But basically, have there by some kind of WANTED-image on a wall inside a pub that says “No fishermen could catch fish since a week. Some monster is occupying the fishing grounds. Reward for anyone that helps” or “Looking for the teeth of a Red Blood Dragon. One has been seen around Death Mountain”. Stuff like that. It´d be for all of us that want a more difficult Zelda, yet it wouldn´t be a stupid “more health for enemies, more damage dealt” kind of difficulty, but a clever, higher difficulty, featuring unique monsters that you wouldn´t see otherwise and that need unique strategies to be defeated.


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