Thieves´ hideout

April 11, 2010

Maybe “thieves” is too much of a name. Past Zelda-games had forsaken thief-hideouts, as well as the Bombers from Majora´s Mask. What I imagine when I say “thieves´ hideout” is a group like the Bomber kids, maybe a little older, that live independently, on their own.

Think of it as combination of the Kokiri kids, the Bombers and thieves. Gathered in some hidden place within a darker part of a major town. It would be a place full of fun, both to watch and to interact by yourself. These thieve kids could work like a light thieves guild, giving missions to the player. They could also play a part in the overall story of the game. And there´d be a lot of fun minigames inside their hideout, playing hide and seek, and the likes. In terms of appearance, I´m imagining some kind of old, big building, dark and dusty, holes in the roof, very high, with lots of traverses that allowed for climbing.


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