Custom Armor instead of Heart Pieces

April 12, 2010

Okay, that´s a rather bold idea, but let´s get it out there: Instead of collecting abstract heart pieces, that come together as a heart container, you´re looking for new pieces of armor.

The idea is that there´s lots of different armor-pieces that have different attributes. Nothing to deep, so to not turn Zelda into a WRPG, but nonetheless a more non-linear option of customizing “your Link”. There could be a small number of basic attributes, like dealing damage, taking damage and speed. And instead of changing your armor all the time, new pieces of armer stack onto the ones you got previously, so there wouldn´t be any “selling worse armor” kind of stuff. You could build yourself an all-round Link who wears a single piece of every kind of armor, or your could equip Link with only “taking damage”-armor, so enemy attacks have less impact upon him. Instead of a heart-bar at the top of the screen, you´d have an armor-bar. All in all, this would be turn towards more realism within the context of the franchise AND it´d be more fun to individualize your Link.


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