The story about YOUR Link

April 14, 2010

An idea I had some time ago. Link was never a predetermined, well-developed character. He was an ingame-avatar. Almost every Zelda-game introduces a “new Link”. The only characters that remain the same are Ganon (immortal) and Zelda (reborn). Therefore, it´d be nice to give the player more control over their Link.

I´m not talking about full character customization, though. I´m imagining a game beginning like that: We´re inmidst of Hyrule town. Some douches are starting a fight with some poor old guy or are picking onto a girl. This happens with several people surrounding the scene. There´s a young man watching, a young boy, and old guy, a middle-aged guy, a girl, and a Hyrule-soldier. All these persons are watching the “crime” happening….that is where interaction starts. You can now point on the person you like most, click, and the game starts….with your chosen person to help the guy or girl being in need for help.

The Zelda-series is about bravery, and it is not predetermined who earns himself the title of a brave hero. In previous series-entries, it simply happened to be THAT Link. But there´s no logical reason not to let the player decide for himself who to play. Well, except for development costs, of course. But the greatness of this feature would be worth it.


2 Responses to “The story about YOUR Link”

  1. Sam said

    Would scenarios like the fight exist only in the beginning of the game, or will they exist through out the game? Would they affect the main story of the game and/or side quests as well? I’m trying to fully understand what you have in mind with this idea.

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