Your personal room

April 15, 2010

This is something Nintendo started with Animal Crossing, then introduced it to the Pokemon-series. And I think it´d fit the Zelda-series, too.

Basically, it´s one room (or apartment or whatever) that you know “I can return to there!”. The only Zelda-game that granted Link his own room was Ocarina of Time. Now, Zelda Wii could improve upon that, and maybe even make it part of the gameplay. All the typical collecthacon-items could be showcased there, as well as letters that are sent to YOUR room. To make it a bigger part of the gameplay, Nintendo could finally make Link capable of only carrying a realistic amount of items at the same time. I KNOW, “keep your realism out of my Zelda!”, but hear me out: This wouldn´t be like a typical Zelda-game, thus leading your into dead ends due to the lack of a certain item. Rather, you could tackle every situation with every kind of equipment. It´s the way of solving a certain situation that changes, or rather: The world is there for you to interact, and it´s up to you how to interact with it. So, let´s say Link can carry three items. You choose bow, ocarina and lantern. You have your sword and shield. And that´s that.

But really, that´s just an idea to put your personal room more into the active gaming part of the game. Even if not like that, one return-to-home place for Link would be nice.


One Response to “Your personal room”

  1. Corny said

    I’d really, really like this one (not only because I don’t like “magic satchels”), but I don’t think Zelda Wii would be _that_ free with items for puzzles.
    So I’d add Epona (or any other mode of transportation, although I want Epona) to your idea with the three items – Epona should be able to carry some items, too. Epona can’t bring Link everywhere, especially not in narrow dungeons and such places – she’d have to wait outside. If you ever notice that your three items won’t help you with the current puzzle, you could always return to Epona at the “dungeon entrance”, change your items and maybe fill your bottles again / heal up.

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