Picking up weapons and keeping them

April 16, 2010

It was shown as a major feature of The Wind Waker: You could grab the weapon your defeated opponent left lying on the ground. The problem: You could never carry such a weapon to the next room.

There´s one fear I can understand that speaks against this kind of feature: Pickung up “random” weapons would turn Zelda into some kind of Diablo 2 light, some game where you keep collecting weapons that do nothing else than being stronger, a concept not typical for the Zelda-series. But I actually think this would be nothing but a natural evolution of Ocarina of Time´s Biggoron sword. In that game, you could buy the non-perfect Biggoron sword and it would break after 200 hits. The same idea could be used for Zelda Wii. Pick up an enemy´s weapon and keep it inside the “enemy item”-bag. You can only ever carry one enemy-item, so there´s no overload of “random” items.

There aren´t that many different weapon-using enemies in Zelda-games, anyway, so you would see no more than 10 different weapons over the course of the game, if at all. Also, the Master Sword wouldn´t be degraded in any way, as it would 1.) be the allrounder and 2.) be the only unbreakable sword. So, you could pick up a long-sword, dual wielding swords or an axe, but at the end of the day, the Master Sword would remain the best overall-option. It´s just for fun…and for experienced players. And who knows, maybe there could be an extremely tough sidequest that grants you unbreakable enemy weapons…


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