The Hammer (and nails)

April 17, 2010

The hammer is another classic Zelda-item. It´s basically used to destroy specially marked blocks that are in the player´s way. I believe it´s an item worth an upgrade.

A hammer, by usual definition, is a tool to build something. In the Zelda-series, its only means are destruction. Let´s use both of those abilities. The hammer could still be used to fight enemies and destroy stuff in the environment, but it could also be used to create stuff. By adding nails as a support-item for the hammer, similar to the bow and its arrows, a totally new gameplay element could be introduced that, in the end, would expand the series´ open world-character and sense for freedom and exploration.

Imagine you´re inside a dark cavern. In front of you is a wide abyss. Nothing to use your hookshot on the other side. But there´s  bunch of wood bars lying around. What do you do? Take out the hammer, arrange the wood your preferred way and start putting them together by hammering nails into them. Afterwards, you have built yourself a long piece of wood that you place above the abyss…and carefully walk over it to the other side. Et voila! Also imagine building yourself a fixated ladder. Just put of the hammer, get a nail into position by moving the nunchuck, then hammer by using the MotionPlus-enabled wiimote. And this mechanic could also be used for sidequests, putting up posters in the town, reparing broken doors, and so on.


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