The Ganondorf Inside-Story

April 19, 2010

I already mentioned in another update that I´d like Zelda Wii to revolve around the three main characters, “Link”, Zelda and Ganon. But I actually want more than just yet another story involving these three.

Ocarina of Time told us that Ganondorf was the king of the Gerudo and…that he was evil. The Wind Waker shed a bit more light upon the nature of Ganondorf, but ultimately didn´t do much. Twilight Princess was just some more “He is evil!”. I´d like to see the COMPLETE story about Ganondorf. After all, he is the only character that is always the same, and he is the reason why bad things start to happen. I mean, if it wasn´t for Ganondorf, there wouldn´t be all that trouble.

We get it, power is nice, so Ganondorf wants it. But there´s so much left to know about the guy. For one, he started out as a male Gerudo. How did he turn into the demon Ganon, or how did some demon possess him? Who IS Ganon, that he is that keen on getting the Triforce? At some point, Ganondorf has to have been “not evil”, so what was he like back then? How did he live? And maybe, just maybe, there is something that can be done about his evilness that he is possessed by, one way or another.

PS: I just read up that apparently Ganondorf wanted to get the Triforce and conquer Hyrule as a mean to get revenge for his people, the Gerudo, having to live in the barren desert. Well, it´d be nice if that was covered in a game with more than just a sentence.


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