Collectibles: Books

April 20, 2010

Don´t confuse this with the Adventurer´s Diary I already talked about.

These books are items scattered all over the world of Zelda Wii. They´re basically the log-files that you can scan in the Metroid Prime-games. There have always been book shelves in Zelda-games, some even playing an important role. These books would work as one category of collectible items. Each book features a certain content;  talking about the world of Hyrule, explaining enemy secrets, or hinting at something that´ll become important in the future story.


One Response to “Collectibles: Books”

  1. Corny said

    This is a great idea – I miss something like that in Zelda, but I didn’t think about collecting books yet.
    On the other hand, Link’s “magic satchel” always bugged me, so I’d rather have it that the books stay where they are (although you should be able to read them again in the menu once you read them in the library because of Link’s incredible memory).

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