A weather-chart

April 29, 2010

Assuming that there´d be some kind of continuous days, like one week that´s fleshed out, featuring citizens that do all kinds of different things at different times, Link should have a weather-chart.

Wether said chart would be an item to carry around or some guy in the town that can tell you what kind of weather awaits you, doesn´t really matter. Supposing that Zelda Wii still takes place in medieval times, the latter would make more sense, though. Of what importance such a chart would be? Well, if we think of realistic weather-behavior that inflicts the ground as well as animals´ and enemies´ behavior, it´d allow for some planning. For example, trying to cross a river on a stormy day would most likely result in Link getting swapt away. Entering the desert at the hottest day in the week also doesn´t sound smart. Meanwhile, enemies might pay less attention when the weather is bad, thus allowing for some easier intrusion into their base. Paths and behavios could be greatly effected by the weather, but it only becomes a feature when you have the chance to know which weather-scene you´re going to face.


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