Story changes depending on mission order

May 3, 2010

Just to be clear, I am not proposing Zelda Wii to be like Mass Effect. Even though that would be cool to have such a diverse communication model. What I´m talking about now are only minimal changes to the story. Depending on the order of missions.

This is something that I loved in several Zelda-games. In Link´s Awakening, I did couldn´t beat the eagle-boss of the 7th dungeon, so I just proceeded to the 8th dungeon. There, I got the fire rod, returned to the eagle-boss and absolutely pwned him into oblivion. Or in Ocarina of Time, where I could choose if I wanted to do the spirit temple or the shadow temple first. It´s this kind of freedom that greatly enhances the experience. Not to mention the original Zelda for NES. Now, I´d like to take that freedom a bit further and integrate it into actual story-bits.

Ideally,you could do ANY mission/dungeon in whatever order you wanted to. Now, what´s important is that depending on that order, there´d be small changes in how the following story pans out. No, good characters would stay good, evil characters would stay evil, but…just small things. An additional sentence, an additional funny/interesting scene. A hint that you normal wouldn´t have gotten. Of course, there could be made bigger changes, too, but I don´t believe that the Zelda-series is ripe for that. Anyway, inflicting changes to the story by yourself, by your own decisions, would be great and make the game more individual to each and every player.


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