Hyrule Castle

May 4, 2010

I don´t really care about it being Hyrule Castle or any other castle. What I want is one well-designed castle in Zelda Wii.

Ever since Ocarina of Time, fans have been teased by Nintendo. First, we are allowed to sneak around in Hyrule Castle´s backyard and entering the princess´ garden. Then, in The Wind Waker, we could walk around in the main hall. In Twilight Princess, we kind of got a whole castle, but it was designed to be a function, dungeon-like building, rather than what you´d expect from a castle. So this time, please have there be a real, lively castle. A big throne room, a castle kitchen, soldier quarters, guest rooms, and what other rooms a castle is supposed to have. Make the castle a central place within the game´s world. Have there be npcs that talk about rumors, that give you missions, or only hints. Have there be mini-games and side-story events happening. In short, breathe some life into Hyrule Castle.


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