The Meet Up-mail system

May 5, 2010

In most Zelda-games, except for Majora´s Mask, characters were always standing in the same spot. If you needed something from a certain character, you had to travel all the were to it. With the Meet Up-mail system, you can change that.

I´m imagining a dynamic mail-system, where the player can write a letter at any time in the game, then give it to some character/helpful animal that delivers the letter; and finally, gets it to the character you wanted it to give. There could be several possibilities for what such a letter does. My initial thought was that you could ask a character to meet up with you at certain spots in the game world. But that could be enhance to various things, like “please send me *item*” or “Here´s 500 rupees, please put it into my bank account”. Think of it as a mobile Animal Crossing-letter system.


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