Magnetic Gloves

May 7, 2010

If I remember correctly, there already were magnetic gloves in Oracle of Seasons. Not sure, though. I´d like to improve that concept.

When you have Magnetic Gloves, what is it that makes them special? Well, the interaction with all kinds of metal. So, without writing a whole lot about it, let´s just say you could active far away levers, as well as toy around with armor-wearing enemies. Simply play around with a lot of stuff like having telekinesis. Now, on the combat-side of things, there´s an idea that I find most interesting personally. It is combining the magnetic gloves with the sword. By doing this, Link could throw his sword, then regather it afterwards by using the magnetic force of the gloves. Sure, throwing the sword could be done juse like that, and in most games it would appear in your character´s hand automatically. But by introducing this moves like that, Zelda Wii would keep an inner logic, a believability, something that´s important for any game that attempts to immerse the player. So, yeah, I´m looking forward to throwing around the Master Sword.


3 Responses to “Magnetic Gloves”

  1. Sam said

    Wouldn’t the sword throwing technique violate your pet peeve about “special” sword moves?

    • mfauli said

      Do you mean my entry where I do not want special-moves, or the one where I talk about special moves for skilled players? If the first, I dont consider throwing the sword an out-of-place move for Link. Everyone can throw a sword, so that´s okay. If the second, I don´t see how that would go in the way of it.

  2. Sam said

    I’m referring to the article from April 25th, where you mention that Link shouldn’t perform elaborate sword moves, witch I agree. Throwing the sword out, like an over-sized bullet or boomerang, seams pretty elaborate to me. Besides, I think tossing the sword out of Link’s hands is pretty dumb.

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