Hyrule´s History

May 8, 2010

Dramatic story, story about Link and Co., stories about this and that. It´s all nice and/or important. But with all the ongoing story, it´d be neat getting to know more about the kingdom of Hyrule itself.

Assuming that Zelda Wii takes place within Hyrule, of course. Hyrule is an old land. Centuries passed since its founding. And that´s where such a story about Hyrule could begin: Where and when and how was it founded? Who did it? Then, further down time, what political systems did Hylian people have to face? What is daily life in Hyrule like? Do children go to school? Do people attend church on sunday? When there´s no Ganon(dorf), what other dangers did Hyrule have to face?

We always hear about Hyrule, often even visit it, but we never get to know much about it. It´s always just an event-trigger rather than a believable place. But it is a place that has to have seen lots of crisis and events. That´s what I´d like to know more about.


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