Soul-Remote Control

May 10, 2010

Previous Zelda-games covered lots of different mechanics where you got to control another character: A link to the Past let you control bunny-Link, Majora´s Mask featured a phletora of different characters, and The Wind Waker let you control two story-related npcs as well as birds. Seeing how controlling other characters has become such a big part of the franchise, I´d like to step it one, final step further.

Soul-Remote Control would be an item that would let you overtake ANY character in the game, ANY living being. Point at some character on-screen, and, after a nice overtake-cutscene similar to those in Majora´s Mask, you in full control of that character. This would introduce an almost unlimited realm of possibilities. Overtake a small child to sneak into a certain house, overtake a Hylian soldier to gain intel on the royal plans, or overtake a rich guy to buy stuff you wouldn´t normally be able to buy.

That could be even more expanded upon by removing any limitation of controlling another npc. Imagine being in town, overtaking another character, and deciding to go out into the world using that character. Link wouldn´t be one pre-defined hero anymore, you could choose to play as anyone. Or, if walking out of town with an actual npc, the game could simply grant you a “soul copy”, where you can transform into any character you meet.

Expand THAT upon not only civilians but enemies, and then further to animals, and  Zelda Wii would offer stuff for experimentation for hours and hours.


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