Ganon´s hell prison

May 12, 2010

I´ve talked about that when I theorized about Zelda Wii´s story. But totally independent of it being part of the story or not, it´s really one of the places Zelda-fans never saw: Ganon´s prison in hell.

Basically, let us see the place where Ganon is banned all the time when we defeat him at the end of a Zelda-game. There´s a lot to speculate, but when I look at the one Zelda Wii-artwork, I always think of the red-orange-yellow background as the entrance to hell. Deep down under the earth. It´s hot. Lava rivers, melting rocks. And in its deepest parts is the place where Ganon resides when imprisoned. It could be part of the big story that the player has to go down there, but it´d be one of the most interesting places to visit no matter what.


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