The choosing-process

May 13, 2010

I already mentioned that I´d like to see the whole story about the Triforce and why Zelda and Ganon always return.

What I´m even more interested in, however, is what the process of choosing the brave boy works like. Except for a few Zelda-games, we always play a different Link. It´s simply a brave boy being chosen by the Triforce. So, what criteria are used to determine this chosen boy? It´s a bit hard to believe that the one we play as Link is the single one brave, innocent boy on the whole planet, so what is happening behind the curtain? Or even more importantly: The Triforce is made by godesses. What´s with these godesses? What are they doing when no busy creating the world? Maybe they´re choosing the new boy every time? Who knows. But I´d like to.


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