The Glider

May 14, 2010

Yeah, I just have to bring this on-topic. I absolutely want maximum freedom in this Zelda-game, and maximum freedom cannot be achieved without the ability to fly.

A fleshed-out version of Assassins Creed 2´s glider would be great

However, there are many ways to obtain that goal. I already mentioned dragons on this blog. I mentioned magic. But even if these were options in Zelda Wii, they should be available in the later part of the game only. One device that would naturally limit the player in a reasonable way, yet still give a fantastic feel of freedom, would be a glider. I´m talking a simple hang glider. You wouldn´t be able to fly up from the ground. Instead, you´d have to search high level-places, then jump down, and then it´s all up to your skills for how long and far you can stay in midair.

I especially like the idea of holding the wiimote sideways while using the glider…just like you hold onto a real glider. Depending on how deep Nintendo might choose for this item to be, there could be upgrades like an “air-vision”, showing you the areas in midair where hot streams of air push you farther upwards, allowing for longer trips.


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