May 15, 2010

If there´s one thing that I really hated about Twilight Princess, it was the fact that you couldn´t fight boss-enemies again after beating them. I even created three saves, one before the Stallord-fight, one before the sky temple-fight, and one before the final fight against Ganondorf.

Arena quests in Monter Hunter Tri - Not necessarily 2-player for Zelda, though

There are two ideas I´ve got for this feature. The simple one is that you could simply return to the boss´ room and there he is, again. The other idea is that there´d be a special coliseum somewhere that´d also work like a special mission-mode. There you could fight the bosses again, but you could also choose special difficulties, like different environments, smaller enemies accompanying a boss, or two boss-enemies at the same time. And many more options. It´d be like the challenge-cave from Twilight Princess, but it wouldn´t be a one-time thing, but something you´d start many times just because it´s fun.


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