Well-presented climatic areas

May 17, 2010

Without thinking, about every Zelda features the whole set of different elements in its game world. That is something that the 3D-Zeldas failed so far.

That didn´t feel like a desert at all

In all 3D-Zeldas, the different climatic zones have been small, artificial feeling areas. Twilight Princess was especially bad, the desert being one completely shut-off place, and empty-feeling. What I´d like to see for Zelda Wii are seamless transitions from one to another climatic zone. No “here is green grass, two stops, here is desert, two steps, here is ice”. Instead, have grass become more sparsely laid out on the ground as you approach the desert, trees become a more and more rare sight, and at some point, there´s a real desert, full of sand. Have that desert be enormous in size, don´t just put a single important building into it. And just as important: Make sure it feels as if I´m walking within a deadly, dry desert. Ocarina of Time was best at creating that feeling, though, obviously it didn´t feature an open desert. Have there be steep wind, sand flying in your face and such.

The same goes for ice-areas or forest-areas, and what else there is in terms of elements. Oh yeah, a fire-area. Melting rocks and such. Whatever it is, present it in a way that makes me feel the environment, instead of just running past everything just to get to the game´s goal. Have there be stuff that makes me stop and just watch in awe.


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