Enemies – not only functional, but visual

May 18, 2010

Something that most boss enemies in most games are guilty of is that all and every attack that looks impressive also does impressive damage. For the sake of creating a more natural, mopre believably feeling game world, enemies shouldn´t put function into everything they do, but show emotion by expressing it visually.

Think of a giant lizard that you´re fighting in knee-high water. In your typical game the lizard would hit the water with its tail, causing a big wave that is going to hurt you if you don´t defend against it somehow. Now, what I´m thinking of is that the same lizard is driven to the point where it becomes desperate, angry, you name it. Instead of hitting the water out of function, it is hitting the water simply to express its current emotion…resulting in a gorgeous water wave/fountain.

That´s just one example, but the bottom line message is: When everything an enemy does is an attack, it feels like a game. When, however, an enemy behaves both on function AND emotional expression, it becomes a believable experience.


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