Story about Link´s past life – or none at all

May 19, 2010

I previously wrote about how I don´t want a story about Link, as I think that Link is not a real character but an ingame-avatar for the player. However, that´s not the ultimate truth.

Wake up and the adventure starts - no past story at all

I still don´t want to have some rich story about Link that dominates the game. A Zelda-game is supposed to be mine, the player´s, adventure. What I do want, though, is getting to know what happened to my Link before I take control over him. In an ideally situation, the player could choose from different “lives” at the beginning of the game. Don´t get upset and confuse that with turning Zelda into Mass Effect or whatever WRPG. The consequences of this choice would be minimal. It´s mostly there to give yourself the most fitting attitude for your ingame-avatar.

Anyways, set Link into some believable environment. Ocarina of Time did this best, having Link live with the Kokiri, basically being a Kokiri. Just by talking to other Kokiri or watching them you could get insight into what Link´s past life has been like. The Wind Waker did it a lot worse. You´re a grandma´s boy and that´s pretty much it. No relationships to other people. You step out of the house and it´s as if you´ve never been outside. Twilight Princess actually gave you a background…but it felt weird.  I guess that´s because TP felt weird in general.

Ideally, there´d be two alternatives: Either, choosing Link´s past by yourself, OR having no past at all. See the original Zelda. You wake up and that´s it. However, that´d need some whole different explanation, or otherwise it´d come off as some kind of “sent by the gods”-child stuff, which is not what Link, the brave hero, should appear like. He´s one of us, after all.


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