May 20, 2010

I admit that it looks like another Monster Hunter-inspired feature, but it is actually something I thought of a long time ago. Stamina in Zelda Wii wouldn´t be a permanent status to look after. It´d be used for certain, important situations.

Stamina #1: The best example I can give is Shadow of the Colossus. The climbing would have been a lot less exciting if you could hold your grip infinitely. By adding a stamina-bar, climbing became an exciting gamble of taking the risk of when to let go and when to hold onto a surface. But not only for climbing, also for battles, stamina could become a complete game changer…in favor of the gameplay. Current Zelda-games definitely suffer from “too easy enemies, and too many of them”. Fighting in Zelda has turned into filler-content that´s not even a challenge anymore. By adding stamina, that starts running down once a fight starts, even smaller minions could pose a certain danger. If you take the stamina-feature even further and apply a stamina-bar to enemies, too, fighting truly becomes an event.

Stamina #2: My original idea for a stamina-system in a Zelda-game, though, was something completely different. There I imagined replacing the health-bar (heart containers) by a stamina-bar, completely. You have to think of it like that: One hit of a sword and you´re dead. That´s realistic. The stamina-bar would work like a health-bar, but it´d renew the term of what you´re trying to preserver, what you try to attack. It´s, with all due respect, a revolutionary change, and all that just with a name-change. What are we fighting when we´re hitting enemies in video games in general now? We´re hitting their bodies, and try to bring down their health. But what is that “health”? Why does it take ten sword-slashes to kill someone? Why 100 shots? I´d like to introduce stamina as a replacement for health, because it´s a lot more satisfying when you know “hah, I´m fighting this guy, he´s losing stamina….I just have to keep going and then…I´ll be able to land the deciding blow!”, instead of “uh, I have to hit this guy ten times.” If that could be tied to animations (making the enemy character-model evade your hits until the finishing blow), it´d be perfect.


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