The Mountains

May 23, 2010

There are certain environments that every Zelda-game features. A forest, a desert, a lake, and many more. Mountains are part of that permanent portfolio as well.

Now that is a wall worth climbing

This time around, though, I´d like to see the mountains designed much more naturally. Much more. Whether the Gorons live there or not, have it be a real, massiv area of mountains. Vast slopes, steep faces and deep, awe-inspiring canyons. Have it be an absolutely open area, with a multitude of ways to the top. Not the narrow, predefined pathways of former Zelda-games. Most importantly, if there are mountains, let me climb them! One of the earlier updates on this blog mentioned the Climbing Claw. Let me use an item like that to climb on every surface of this mountains area. Let me slowly climb down the canyons while a strong breeze of wind makes howling sounds, Link´s hat fluttering. Have there be caves, which´s entrances are only accessible by exploring the steep faces in those canyons, no simple walking there possible. Basically, make the journey itself an experience.


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