Find youself lost

May 24, 2010

In celebration of the end of LOST, the most fine tv-show I´ve ever seen, I´d like to mention one key-aspect for Zelda Wii: The feeling of being lost.

Remember The Legend of Zelda 1 NES. The game starts…and you can go just about anywhere. No instructions, no hints, nothing. You get you sword and that´s it. Go out there and see the world. That´s really all that is there. Ever since A link to the past, that feeling of being lost has becoming weaker and weaker. Story grew more of a focus and you always got enough hints and help to know where to go next.

This feeling of being lost was also a big part of the Zelda-series´ sense of wonder. When you explore an unknown world all by yourself and stumble of miracles and secrets, it feels like a hundred times better to find out about stuff. It´s the mystery that is missing in recent Zelda-games.

Or in other words: In today´s Zelda-games, you know that you will find something. In past Zelda-games, you believed you´d find something. Don´t tell the player what he can´t do. Let him find out by himself.


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